Another must for spring cleaning? Washing your floors. Yes, I wash floors on Thursdays, but I do an extra-good job for spring cleaning. Want a couple ideas on how you can elevate your floor washing for spring cleaning?

1. Wash your floors the old fashioned way – on your hands and knees. Being a little closer to your floors than at the other end of your mop will ensure that you get your floors extra clean. {Here’s my favorite technique for washing my hardwood floors.}

2. For linoleum or tile floors mix up a heavy duty solution to clean them. Here’s a good recipe:

3. Use a floor polish on your hardwood floors. I do this once or twice a year and I love the Bona products for this process. Basically you need to vacuum or sweep and wash your floors and then you apply the Bona floor polish on your floors with the applicator pad. You can’t walk on it for an hour, so I usually do this around 9pm and go to bed. Then the next morning the floors are shiny and fine marks and scratches have disappeared!

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