This is my last ‘must’ for spring cleaning, but it’s an easy way to freshen up your rooms and bring on the spring in your home.

Gather your throw pillows and blankets – separate into lights and darks. Check the tags and make sure that they are machine washable. {I usually wash pillows and blankets on the gentle cycle.}  Use your favorite detergent and launder as recommended. Sometimes when I wash pillows I need to spin them a second time because they don’t always get all of the water ‘squeezed’ out the first time. Curious about my method for washing pillows and blankets? Check out this post. Here are a couple guidelines….

  • if a throw pillow has a cover, remove it and launder the cover separately from the pillow
  • even if the pillow insert cannot be laundered, it can be tossed in the dryer on high heat with some clean tennis balls to ‘fluff’ it up
  • wash pillow covers inside-out on cold and gentle if needed
  • dry pillow cases in the dryer on low or no heat to ensure no shrinking or line dry
  • can’t remove the cover? and you cut off the tag? try washing on gentle/cold – chances are it’ll be fine.
I wash my throw blankets with my throw pillows as long as they are the same color – lights with lights and darks with darks. Great time saver and way to get both items spruced up at once. {Come back later today for a review of an amazing smelling (and working) laundry detergent and fabric softener that I used to spring clean my throw blankets and pillows.}

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