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Lint rollers aren’t just for pet hair, here are 10 ways to use them that you might not have thought of – put a couple on your shopping list now so you have them when you need it! (My favorites are the Scotch-Brite 50% Stickier Lint Roller and the Scotch-Brite Printed Lint Rollers! I have one stashed away in almost every room of my home). Don’t forget a lint roller for the little helpers in your house – they love to use them and the small size makes the lint roller is easy for them to use.


Some common sense before we get into the different areas you can use a lint roller. Always use a new ‘sheet’ for each task. Once the lint roller is dirty or no longer sticky, remove that sheet, toss it, and use a new one.



Roll the lint roller over the top and bottom of the shade and roll down the sides. Use care to roll in one direction and remove the sheets as needed.

Sugar, sprinkles, broken glass


If you’ve ever spilled sugar or sprinkles you know that that can be a sticky mess to clean up. You can grab a vacuum cleaner, but I don’t like to get that possibly sticky residue in my vacuum cleaner. Grab a lint roller first and see how much you can roll up. Once I’ve cleaned up broken glass I use a lint roller to grab anything that might be lurking behind waiting to be stepped on.

Pet Hair around the home– especially during shedding season

Our family just got a new pup, and, maybe it’s just me, but I dread shedding ‘season’. I find that there’s a lot more throughout the house. Keep a lint roller in storage bins and containers in high-traffic rooms to snag those pesky hairs.

Floor edges

If you don’t have the time to grab the vacuum cleaner, use your lint roller to clean up those floor edges – it’s great for doing a little pre-clean before wiping down baseboards too!



Kitchen drawers (or any drawer) can be crumb and debris magnets. Remove any liners and trays and simply roll the lint roller over the drawer and edges. For pesky corners remove an individual sheet and slide into corners to pick up crumbs.

Car seats and floor mats

Keep a lint roller in your car to roll up any dirt, grass clippings, and crumbs. Doing this when you see the dirt will keep your car cleaner for longer.


Dress coats and suits are lint magnets. Keep a lint roller in your coat closet and roll away lint, dirt, pet hair, and any other specks that appear out of nowhere.



I love using a lint roller on microfiber and fabric furniture. It gives the furniture a nice appearance and is especially good for furniture that doesn’t get daily use.

Area rugs


If you don’t have time to grab the vacuum and notice dirt or grass clippings, grab your lint roller (just keep one in your entry area or mudroom to make this super convenient), and roll the dirt up and toss the adhesive paper.

Electronics and keyboards


If you can’t get that pesky speck of who-knows-what in between your keyboard keys, use a sticky sheet from your lint roller and squish it between your keys.

Stock your cleaning caddy and closets with lint rollers so you have these handy helpers at the ready anytime. What have you used a lint roller for?