I did a full pantry clean out and revamp the week before school started and as I was looking through everything I was thinking about what we used and needed and what we didn’t. Interestingly enough, there wasn’t anything that I got rid of. That says a lot because I only keep what’s working and I am pretty ruthless about not holding onto stuff that isn’t serving our family well. I rounded up the products that we use in our pantry and added a couple variations in case you prefer different colors, styles, and color ways.

My musts?

  • Glass jars for dry storage (I only use glass if it touches food if I’m storing it)
  • Glass jars (I love the wood lids) for sugar and flour
  • Acrylic bins or baskets for snacks and cereals
  • Risers for canned goods
  • Containers for overflow and extras
  • Turntables/Lazy Susans for cooking and baking goods

With some strategic products and placement you’ll find that it’s easier to meal plan and its easier to keep it organized because you know where everything is and you can locate it quickly.

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I added these items to a new category that can be found under PANTRY.

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