If you are looking for a safe and natural laundry whitener to replace bleach, Oxygen Whitener is going to be your new best friend. If you aren’t looking for something to replace bleach, you should be looking! Oxygen Whitener is safe, natural and poses none of the health hazards and toxicity warnings that you’ll find with bleach. Want to brighten up your whites? Oxygen Whitener will do that for you but there’s so much more that you can use it for! It’s a cleaning booster and has so many uses besides whitening the laundry!


What is it? Clean Mama’s Oxygen Whitener uses sodium percarbonate (washing soda + hydrogen peroxide) and other earth derived ingredients – sodium carbonate, citric acid, and pure lemon essential oil.  

These ingredients break down hard water minerals to bring back your whites as well as breaking down stains and grunge. Keep a bag or two on hand – there are so many uses!


  • Whites: Add 1 scoop to every load of whites. I use a scoop for my son’s WHITE baseball pants and there isn’t a single stain. I’ve been asked how I keep his pants white – this is my secret! I add a scoop to white towels, white sheets…. Shoot, I add a scoop to most loads, even colors 🙂

  • Extra Dirty Clothes: Add 2 scoops for an especially dingy or dirty load.
  • Pre-Treat: Want to pre-treat your laundry without pre-treating it? Add a scoop to each load of laundry. This is especially helpful for kids’ clothing.
  • Stains: Wet fabric with water, sprinkle or make a paste and rub directly into stains. Let sit for at least 15 minutes or up to overnight. Launder as usual.


  • Stuck on Food in Pots and Pans? Sprinkle a little in the bottom of a wet pan. Scrub to activate the Oxygen Whitener and let sit for at least 15 minutes or up to overnight. Scrub, rinse the Oxygen Whitener completely off and wash as usual with dish soap.
  • Kitchen Sink Scrub: Add a scoop to a wet sink and make a paste. Scrub and rinse thoroughly.
  • Tile and Grout:  Wet surface, sprinkle and scrub. Rinse and repeat if necessary. I love using the Oxygen Whitener on our fireplace hearth – I find that by using a sponge and a bowl with warm, soapy water (castile or dish soap). Wet with the sponge and water, give it a little sprinkle and make a paste. A LITTLE goes a long way, just a sprinkle is all you need! Scrub, rinse, dry.


  • Toilet Whitener: Sprinkle a scoop or two in your toilet, let it sit for a bit or overnight, scrub and flush. I keep a mason jar in the bathroom with a scoop (in a cabinet out of the reach of any children). This is my favorite use besides in the laundry room – this works SO well!  You can also add a squirt of castile soap under the rim to up the cleaning power. 

  • Soap Scum and Mineral Deposits: Wet surface, sprinkle with the powder and scrub clean.
  • Tile and Grout:  Wet surface, sprinkle and scrub. Sometimes I’ll add a squirt of castile soap to the paste to up the cleaning power. Rinse and repeat if necessary. The shower in our bathroom has a creamy light gray tile (not my favorite) and our water leaves a little orange hue within a week after scrubbing – this works really well to combat the orange. Can you see it working – notice the orange around the edges.


  • Floors: Mix 1 scoop with a gallon of warm/hot water to mop floors. This works best on vinyl and tile floors, do not use it on hardwood floors.
  • Carpet: Add 1 scoop to hot water (typically about a gallon of water) in a carpet machine to shampoo carpets. This works wonders on dingy carpet!

Want to give it a try? You can find Clean Mama Oxygen Whitener and other laundry products here in my shop.