When we start to declutter it can be hard to get going. Once you get going, nothing is safe!  If you’re looking for things to toss and looking for an easy place to start in the decluttering process, this list is perfect! Once you’ve located these items, quickly go through them and toss, recycle, or donate them. (I am using ‘toss’ loosely in this post – most of these things can be recycled or donated!)



  1. old magazines
  2. cd cases
  3. unused electronics
  4. duplicate photos
  5. old negatives and film cartridges
  6. chargers that don’t have a device
  7. cords that you don’t know where they go
  8. books you haven’t opened in over a year
  9. old makeup
  10. old toiletries
  11. old nail polish
  12. tattered towels
  13. worn sheets
  14. old cleaning supplies
  15. old bags and purses
  16. art supplies that aren’t being used
  17. toys with missing parts
  18. toys that aren’t being played with
  19. kids’ clothes with holes or visible wear
  20. games and puzzles with missing pieces
  21. shoes you no longer wear
  22. worn clothing
  23. socks with holes
  24. dry cleaning hangers
  25. any garment that has lost its elasticity

If you’re drowning in clutter, sick of dealing with it, or somewhere in between, I am here to tell you that you can live in a clutter-free home. Surfaces don’t have to be filled, you can create white space, and you can come home at the end of a long day and feel relaxed as you enter your home. Inviting people into your home will no longer be a stressful situation. The piles don’t have to stay on your counters, you can find your clothes quickly, and you’ll be able to locate and you’ll gain time and energy as you go about your life. Clutter takes hold in our lives and just plain makes life a little harder than it needs to be.

This is an excerpt from THE CLUTTER HANDBOOK – it’s a 50 page pdf guide designed to take the guesswork out of decluttering your home. If you’re starting from a room you can’t walk into or just a couple clutter piles, this guide is designed to take you from clutter to decluttered in simple, manageable steps. Grab it below….