Cleaning bathrooms can feel overwhelming with different surfaces and different cleaners for each surface, plus just the sheer drudgery of doing the actual bathroom cleaning. If you find it difficult to find simple tools and supplies for cleaning bathrooms, let’s start with just 3 favorites for cleaning bathrooms. These products are tried and true, safe and effective and worth adding to your bathroom cleaning caddy. These aren’t ‘typical’ bathroom cleaning products but they will change how you clean your bathrooms!

Pumie: This is great for tough toilet bowl stains.

A Pumie is a super soft pumice stone that you can use to remove hard water stains like that toilet bowl ring.  It breaks down as you use it so you eventually have to replace it. I store mine in a small cup under the bathroom sinks.

  • Wet the Pumie in the toilet.
  • Pour a bucket of water in the toilet to manually flush it.
  • Scrub stains, flush, and rinse the Pumie.


Detail Brush: Use to scrub tough to clean areas like faucets and overflow holes.

A small detail brush is a must in your cleaning caddy! Once you have one you’ll wonder why you never had one before.

  • Simply wet the brush, add a little castile soap and warm water and scrub away.
  • If you have some hard water build up around a faucet, saturate a cleaning cloth or paper towel with white vinegar, let it soak on the area for 15 minutes and give it a little scrub with the detail brush and wipe clean.

Detail Brush

Oxygen Whitener: Use to clean toilets and to whiten porcelain naturally.

If you aren’t using your Oxygen Whitener from the laundry room all over your house, you’re missing out! I love using Oxygen Whitener for cleaning sinks and toilets.

  • Sprinkle Oxygen Whitener in toilet and let it sit for 15 minutes or overnight.
  • Scrub with your toilet brush or add a squirt of castile soap for a little extra cleaning power and scrub away.
  • If your sinks are a little dingy, wet them with your cleaner or water, sprinkle the Oxygen Whitener and add a little castile soap if necessary. Rinse and dry.

Oxygen Whitener

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