The key to making a to do list work for you is finding one that fits your life. Today I have three free to do lists to share with you – each for different personalities, projects, and home/work life.

The first is a simple to do list. If all you need is some bright colors and a place to jot down your to do’s and get you ready to start working, this simple to do list is for you.

simple to do list 

Work all day, but thinking about what you have to do at home when you’re at work? Write your home and work to-do’s on this handy to do list. Just getting a must-do off your mind and on paper can help move you forward and help your productivity.

Home + Work To Do Lists 

Lots of things to remember and need one place to write it all down? Try ‘the list’ – start by writing your top three must-do’s at the top and then use the three boxes to break up three categories of to do’s. You could write all the things you want to get done in a week on the page or all the things you want to get done this year. It’s up to you to, but hopefully this cute list will help jumpstart your productivity.

The List

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