We all know that a well-organized kitchen makes cooking and serving meals more enjoyable, but sometimes, the trick lies in finding the right systems to keep everything in place. Have you ever spent what felt like hours searching for that particular spatula or the right lid for your pot? If the answer is yes, then this post is for you! Today, we’re diving deep into three organizing systems that can revolutionize your kitchen’s efficiency: closed containers, flatware organizers, and turntables, Let’s declutter and simplify our kitchen together!

Closed Containers

When it comes to organizing systems in the kitchen, there are some systems that work best with easy access, but there are other systems that work best with lids. A couple weeks ago I added these closed containers (if you want the wood lid you have to add it separately) to the food processing drawer in our kitchen and I can tell you that it makes a huge difference in safety and it just looks better! I have always struggled to find something to keep the food processor blades and graters in and these containers work great!  They even have a removable divider so you can organize within the organizer. Here’s a link to the same one with a white lid.

Flatware Organizers

An organizer for silverware feels very basic and something that most people would have in a kitchen, but finding one that fits your silverware and works in your drawer is what turns this simple item into an organizing system.

We have two drawers in our island that need expandable organizers to keep all the kitchen tools organized. These Hold Everything Expandable In-Drawer Flatware Organizers are designed well and fit all sorts of kitchen tools and utensils.


If you have a spot in your kitchen that’s stumping you organizationally or if you feel like you need a better way to store or organize your kitchen items, chances are, a turntable (also called a Lazy Susan) can help you out.

I have these iDesign Linus Turntables in the spice cabinet, the pantry (see them in the above image), and under the kitchen sink. They wipe clean easily and store plenty of items with style.

Make sure you measure your space to ensure that the turntable is just the right size – I always get the largest size that will fit the space. I use them all over the kitchen, including under the kitchen sink.

How about you – what organizing system in your kitchen makes things easier? Have a tip to share? Tell us in the comments!Curious how I clean the kitchen with the Clean Mama Routine? Head to this post.