3 Steps to a Clean and Organized Entryway via Clean Mama

This week’s organizing task is the ENTRYWAY (November’s cleaning and organizing calendar is here). Take a little time this week to spiff up your entryway. Before all the winter gear comes out, or use this as the perfect time to start with a few preemptive organizing systems and get that entryway ready for the busy season ahead.

If you have an entryway or a mudroom without designated places to put coats, shoes, purses, and other gear, go into that space and remove everything that you can. Set it aside into 4 specific piles – keep, toss, donate, re-locate. Looking at your space, determine the best way to help your family utilize this space. Do you need to add hooks for coats? A basket for backpacks? A cute dish or hook for keys? Recently I moved all our ‘sometimes’ shoes to our bedroom closet. This was a simple game changer in the clutter department and our mudroom has so much more space. I’d like to encourage you to find a game changing solution in your entryway or mudroom. Once you’ve decided on how you’re going to arrange this space to minimize your clutter, put everything back where it belongs. If you are changing up or adding a system (like a basket or bin), make sure you explain to other family members what your expectations are for the space.

  1. CLEAN –  empty and clean the space. Wipe down any shelves, doors, handles, baseboards, etc. Vacuum and wash the floors.
  2. ORGANIZE – group like items with like items, keep only what you need and use, and make sure that the clutter is gone.
  3. NEW SYSTEM – if something isn’t working, change it. Put a new system in place – it can be as simple as a stick-on hook for a backpack. Determine what isn’t working in your entryway or mudroom and change it.

With a little time and effort this week, you can make some big changes in your entryway or mudroom. Short on time? Choose the biggest issue and tackle it. Maybe you need to get the winter gear out of storage and put it in a basket or bin for easy use. Or maybe you’ve been neglecting the floor in your mudroom – vacuum and wash it this week.

What’s your biggest struggle in keeping your entryway or mudroom organized? Have a great tip or solution to share?