4 Tips to Organize Under the Bathroom Sink

This week’s organizing (and cleaning) task is the BATHROOM SINK. (September’s cleaning and organizing calendar is here). Take a couple minutes this week to organize your under the bathroom sink this week – if you have more than one bathroom, choose the most-used or most desperate for a little organization. I have 4 quick tips to organize under the bathroom sink and keep it that way!

4 Tips to Organize Under the Bathroom Sink via Clean Mama

CLEAN: Start by emptying out the space and wiping it clean. Toss or donate anything that isn’t used regularly.

CONTAIN: Anything that’s left put it in a container. If you have lots of items stored under your sink, separate and group them together and place them in a container. I like using open plastic storage containers for easy access to products. Keeping items contained also ensures that any leaky products won’t ruin your cabinets.

CLEANING CADDY: For me, the most important item under the bathroom sink is a mini cleaning caddy. Keeping your most-used cleaning sprays and tools at the ready make it easier to spot clean a bathroom or completely clean it while little ones are doing baths or just when you happen to have a couple minutes. (Go to this post to see what’s in my mini cleaning caddy AND grab a great DIY cleaning recipe.)

GARBAGE LINERS: Just a helpful hint – keep a small roll of garbage can liners (or 4 or 5 extras) in the bottom of your garbage can. This is not only a time saver, but a mess saver. Keeping the garbage cans lined keeps the mess in the bag – no more gum stuck to the bottom and sides of garbage cans. (Or maybe that only happens at my house?)  It’s also helpful when colds and flu are going around to keep tissues a little easier to clean up.

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