3 Ways to Take the Stress Out of This Holiday Season via Clean Mama

It’s that time of the year – holiday parties, family events and get-togethers, pageants and plays, and all sorts of holiday cheer. So what’s the best way to keep it all together and make things a little easier when everything else seems to be ramping up at breaking speed? Let’s take a little stress out of the holidays this year and find a couple ways to make life easier so we can actually enjoy this season!

PLAN AHEAD AND SAY NO:  Look for ways to cut out anything that isn’t necessary. Plan out the the events and get-togethers and establish what is absolutely necessary and what isn’t. Make sure your priorities are reflected in your choices – saying yes to every invitation isn’t necessary.

TAKE INVENTORY:  Need Christmas pajamas or holiday outfits? Purchase now to avoid last minute and stressful shopping runs. Get your shopping done as early as you can or your budget will allow so you can relax and enjoy the month. Cut back on any unnecessary gifts, don’t try to make everything, and order or purchase holiday cards now to avoid last minute rushing.

MAKE A FAMILY LIST:  Let everyone choose an activity that’s special or important to them, put it on a list, and make sure it’s added to the calendar. The list can be as simple as watching that favorite Christmas movie, making frosted sugar cookies, going to the tree lighting ceremony downtown, or driving around to see holiday lights. Making these special memories a priority will ensure that December doesn’t fly by without slowing down to savor the season.

I am happy to have a cleaning routine when life gets busy – even when I can just do the basics, I know that someone can stop by and my house won’t be in shambles because I have a system in place that works in all seasons. Best part? Knowing that the laundry is caught up and put away – it definitely helps to keep the stress off.

What’s your best tip for simplifying the holiday season?

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