Welcome to 31 Days to a Cleaning Routine at Clean Mama! Thank you for joining me – I hope you stick with me, I promise it”ll be simple and change how you clean your home.
How”s the month going to work? Every morning, I”ll post the simple tasks for the day – and we”ll each complete them when we can during the day. Just concentrate on what”s “assigned” – after a week, your house will start to feel better and after the 31 days, you”ll really see a difference in how your home feels.
Ready? See you on October 1st – that”s tomorrow!
Feel free to link up, Facebook, Tweet, whatever – hopefully the 31 Days of a Cleaning Routine will be a little change every nbso day for you that really makes a difference in your cleaning routine.
And if you need incentive to stick with something, there will be shop discounts and prizes during the month for participation! So play along, comment on how it”s going, do what you can each day and have fun!If you haven”t already, subscribe to the blog (on the sidebar) so you don”t miss a single post.