Counter clutter can be overwhelming and it can also freeze you from moving forward. Cluttered counters can create ’noise’ in a space, making it difficult to relax and enjoy the space, not to mention taking up extra space. Make it a goal this week to keep your kitchen counters clear in between meals. You’ll be surprised how keeping your counters clear can help eliminate that disorganized and cluttered feeling.

Here are a couple simple steps to tackle that counter clutter:

  1. Completely clear your counters.  Remove everything and place it on your kitchen or dining room table.
  2. Wipe your counters with your favorite cleaner and cloth or with a sponge and warm, soapy water. Here’s my favorite granite cleaning recipe – it’ll change your counter cleaning forever 🙂
  3. Evaluate your counter items – is there anything that you don’t use daily that can be put in a different place or in a cupboard or cabinet? Is there anything that you can donate or give away? Before you move everything back, take a minute to edit your counters a bit. If you only use your toaster or blender once or twice a week and you have limited counter space maybe it would be better stored elsewhere. A little space on the counters is a good thing – you don’t need to fill it up!
  4. Put the remaining items back on your counters and think about zones as you return the items. If you keep baking goods (flour, sugar) on the counter, put them back by where you store your mixer or measuring cups. Put your coffee pot back by the coffee mugs. And so on…

Once you’ve returned your items to the counters, keep them cleared off this week. After every meal put things back where they belong, don’t pile dishes on the counters, and empty your sink and dishwasher as soon as you are able. If you’re a mail stacker, sort your mail right away and don’t leave it on the counters. If you really work at this this whole week, you’ll see how easy it is to keep it up, it’s when you let it go that it becomes a chore and a nuisance.


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