5 Ideas for Organized Bedding via Clean Mama

This week’s organizing focus is BEDDING. You can find November’s FREE Cleaning and Organizing calendar here and December’s here.

Your challenge this week is to take a little time to sort and organize your bedding. Regardless of your bedding storage,  take a couple minutes this week to organize the space. Here are 5 tips for bedding storage and care to get you started.

  • Re-purpose or donate any linens or bedding that haven’t been used in the last year. Do you really need 6 sets of sheets? I keep one extra set for each bed and I find that this not only keeps the laundry down it also makes it easier for storage.
  • Take inventory for guests – do you have enough pillows, pillow cases, and bedding? I figure 2 pillows per person on all of our beds and then make sure that I have extras for company as well.
  • With winter upon us, take blankets out of storage and wash if necessary. Do you need additional blankets/quilts/comforters? Or do you need to trim down what you have? Now is a great time to assess the situation.
  • Use a basket or bin for overflow storage. Contain your linens and linen closet items with a basket or two is a great way to keep the closet organized. If your folding is a little haphazard (see above) or if you have too much stuff on your shelves, baskets are a great alternative.
  • Use a pillowcase to store your folded set of sheets. Fold your fitted sheet into a small square, wrap your flat sheet around the fitted sheet, tuck one of your pillowcases in between the flat and fitted sheet, and then put that “package” into one of the pillowcases from the set. This keeps the set together and looks much neater on the shelf.

What are your best bedding tips? Share in the comments!