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Today’s post is sponsored by Bona, but my love for their hardwood floor mop is all my own! I have the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop on my recommended cleaner page – you will love it! You can read my full disclosure statement here – rest assured, as always, I never recommend a product that I don’t use and love.

The holidays are upon us and if you’re anything like me you might feel a little anxious about getting everything done and ready in time. During the busy holiday season I do a couple things before December is upon us to make our home sparkling and clean before all the festivities begin. Starting with a clean house really helps me relax and enjoy the holidays. Think about it – bringing out decorations and adding to what already is in the house can give your home a cluttered feeling. Take a little time to get it sparkling and clean and then relax and enjoy the season with your family.

DECLUTTER: Go through the house and pick up anything that doesn’t belong. Put it away, donate it, or toss it out. Decluttering is especially helpful before the holidays start – make room decorations, gifts, and other effects of the season. If you make this a family affair, chances are it will go a little more quickly. Set a timer and see how quickly you can move through the house to get everything put away and decluttered in a hurry. It’ll be more fun and you’ll definitely appreciate the effort later.

CLEAN APPLIANCES:  Depending on how much time you have, do a quick clean of your appliances. You can be as thorough as cleaning each and every one inside and out or simply wipe the outsides down. My must clean appliances are the refrigerator and the stove. I start with those because the oven can always use a good cleaning and it’s nice to have a clean refrigerator before a big holiday dinner. Empty the refrigerator and wipe down the shelves with a mixture of up 1 teaspoon of dish soap (or castile soap), 1 teaspoon baking soda, and  about 4-6 cups of warm water. Wipe out drawers and bins and dry thoroughly.

Clean Appliances via Clean Mama

SPARKLING, CLEAN FLOORS:  Everyone loves a sparkling, clean floor. I quickly vacuum corners and get any debris off the floor. Then I use the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner for a safe and residue-free sparkling clean floor. I love how lightweight it is and how easy it is to get a great shine on my hardwood floors. The spray nozzle has great reach and the microfiber pad ensures that it’s getting every last inch. It’s so easy to use, the kids can even pitch in. The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop is the perfect addition to your pre-holiday decorating routine.

Easy to Clean Floors via Clean Mama

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Sparkling Clean Floors from Bona via Clean Mama

CLEAN BATHROOMS:  Take a little time to clean up the bathrooms and stock with fresh towels, tissues, and toilet paper. Clean the mirrors, wipe down counters and sinks, and clean the tubs and toilets. Any expected or unexpected visitors will appreciate a clean bathroom and your family will too. Add a seasonal towel or candle or add a couple ornaments in a pretty dish to give your bathroom a little festive touch.

Clean Bathrooms via Clean Mama

AMBIENCE:  Light a couple candles, turn on the twinkle lights, and let the magic of the season take over. My favorite thing to do after decorating and getting ready for Christmas is to just sit back and relax and truly enjoy it with the family. Watching holiday movies, baking cookies, and spending time together are some favorite moments of the year.

Ambience via Clean Mama

I find that taking a little time to spiff up the house and clean a couple key areas makes a huge difference in our home. How about you? Is there something you do BEFORE you launch into full holiday mode?

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