5 Reasons to Declutter via Clean Mama

If you are following me on Instagram, you know that I”m doing #declutter30 this month. Decluttering, cleaning, and organizing are all HUGE in January. Everyone is ready to start the year off with less stuff, make resolutions, and changes in their homes. We start out all excited and then it’s hard to make those changes and the changes fall by the wayside and back to our old habits.

Make this year different.  Make small changes. Give yourself grace.  Keep going.

In case you”re already feeling defeated, I thought I’d share 5 reasons to declutter if you”re losing steam and not sure you want to keep decluttering. And just in case you”re wondering, decluttering IS NOT organizing. Decluttering comes first! If you have been following my cleaning routine, you know that CLUTTER is on the calendar every.single.day. I have to deal with it daily so it doesn”t take over. That to me is the secret to keeping clutter away and at bay. Declutter spaces like crazy and then maintain the clutter on a daily basis. It makes a huge difference!

In case you need a couple reasons to get started and to motivate…..

  1. SAVE TIME – No looking for things that you can”t find because everything has a place and a home.
  2. SAVE MONEY – No more re-purchasing items that you have and cannot find. Use what you have in your home before purchasing. Get creative, you might be surprised at some treasures you forgot about.
  3. LESS STRESS – I feel crabby and stressed when there”s clutter and visual noise in our home. Decluttering makes it less stressful and more relaxing to be in our home.
  4. FEEL MORE ORGANIZED – That organized feeling you are looking for? Decluttering will get you there. You”ll know where things are, you won”t be searching aimlessly anymore and you”ll enjoy opening up cupboards and drawers instead of feeling fearful of what might fall out on you.
  5. WELCOME OTHERS – If you”ve felt uncertain, anxious, or nervous about welcoming others into your home, decluttering will help to get you beyond that place of fear.

What”s your reason to declutter this year?