5 Simple Ideas to Organize the Family For Fall via Clean Mama

With fall on the doorstep, it’s helpful to prepare the house for the new schedules and routines. I’m working my way through this little list and know that the effort will pay off in time saved in the months to come!

3 Things Every Command Center Needs via Clean Mama

Organize or put together a Command Center – start with these 3 things every command center needs. Having a command center is really helpful but only if you’re using it wisely. Take the time to put one together and you’ll be glad you did!

How to Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator via Clean Mama

Clean and Organize the Refrigerator – use a couple simple steps to get your refrigerator clean and organized for the busyness that fall brings. Clean thoroughly, adjust shelves if necessary, and group like items together to keep your refrigerator tidy this fall.

Gather School Supplies to Make a Homework Caddy

Put together a homework station to make homework an easier process. I keep our supplies mobile with this simple homework caddy. All you need is a caddy, some canning jars, and school supplies. This is much cheaper to put together now that school supplies are so inexpensive! Click through to see the completed caddy!

Clothes Close-Up via Clean Mama

Do a quick clean of closets following this simple method for organizing and maintaining them. I detail kids closets in the post but you can apply the techniques and steps to your own closets and drawers.

Toys Out - Toys Put Away via Clean Mama

Practice One Task to Keep Your Home Clutter Free – it’s so simple! Take it out, and put it away. Keep this in mind this fall and I bet you and your family will appreciate taking that little step to put things away. It’s so simple but so hard to keep up with unless it’s a conscious decision.

What’s on your list? What would you add to make your life a little easier into the transition to fall?

Schedule Reset + Planner Bundle 2 via Clean Mama