If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I just cleaned that”, today’s post is for you! So much of keeping a home revolves around repetitive tasks. Instead of focusing on all that there is to clean, focusing on a few things that you do daily make keeping your home tidy so much easier. If you aren’t already doing these 5 things (also known as the Daily Tasks in the Clean Mama Routine) read on to see how these little things add up to a tidy home.


  1. Make Beds –  This takes just a minute and definitely don’t make your kids’ beds – teach them this life skill!
  2. Tackle Clutter – Do a quick pick up daily. This can be as simple as doing a little pick up before dinner. Maybe it’s doing a quick sort of the day’s mail or being more mindful of putting things away after you take them out.
  3. Wipe Counters – After meals, wipe down the kitchen counters. If this seems like too much, do a quick wipe down after dinner every night. Checking and wiping down bathroom counters during the week as needed makes cleaning bathrooms on Mondays so much easier!
  4. Check Floors – Doing a quick sweep or vacuum of the floors keeps everything looking clean. This might be a daily sweep after meals or it might be just a quick check most days.
  5. Laundry – Staying on top of laundry is essential for a clean house – do at least a load a day to keep those piles away.

What do you think? If you’re ready to add a little automation into your day, these 5 Daily Tasks add up and make all the difference in keeping your home tidy with ease. Doing a little bit every day IS the secret to keeping a tidy home. Join us in Homekeeping Society get the clean home you’ve always dreamed of — and keep it that way.