If you are looking for the secret to a slower paced morning and more time in your day, getting up a little earlier might be just what you need. I love having a little time to myself in the morning when the lights are low and the kids are sleeping. I find that having a little jump on the day is essential for a good start to the day. I can get so much more done in a couple minutes of quiet in the morning than later on in the day and I find that that motivates me to keep going during the day. Getting up earlier isn’t all about getting more done, sometimes it’s about just sitting and reading or listening in quiet or drinking a cup of coffee on the patio by myself. Some days it’s going for a run and returning before everyone is awake, working on the day’s cleaning tasks, and other days it’s getting caught up on some emails or working on a blog post. Take the time to journal, plan in your planner, do your devotions. Whatever isn’t getting time during the day, make it your purpose to get up earlier so you can do it.

A note: If you are getting up multiple times during the night with a baby, I do not recommend getting up earlier. File this away for when they are sleeping through the night – it’ll happen, I promise! If you are a night person and get more done at night and have no desire to try getting up earlier, stick with what works! BUT, if you are wanting to get up earlier and need some tips, this post is for you.

So…. how DO you start getting up earlier?

Start the evening before.  Yep I said it. Making this a good, sustainable habit begins the night before. I recommend a clean kitchen at night as one of the things that really makes getting up earlier a little easier. Why? You won’t have to wake up to a mess from the day before – you’ve already reset your kitchen. This is a huge component in keeping up with this habit because you aren’t waking up to work – who wants to do that? You’re waking up to do something that will make your day run more smoothly.


Turn off the screens. Turning off phones and computers and televisions a little earlier is the best way to get yourself ready for bed. Stop sleeping with your phone – the EMFs (electro and magnetic fields) aren’t good for you and it messes with your natural body rhythms. We keep our phones and devices downstairs in a charging station. I find that putting them away early in the evening (optimally/in a perfect world, before dinner and away for the night) is really helpful. Get an old-fashioned alarm clock and use that instead of your phone.

Go to bed when you’re tired.  Stop fighting through the tiredness and just go to bed. If you are used to staying up late, try going to bed earlier and see how you feel. See if it makes a difference in your day. Everyone needs to sleep but everyone’s perfect amount of sleep is different. Make your goal 6-8 hours and experiment to find what amount makes you feel the best during the day.

Get your morning drink going. Coffee, lemon water, a smoothie, tea – whatever you drink first thing in the morning, get that going. While I’m waiting for my coffee to brew I empty the dishwasher. This is a small, but integral step in starting the day off well because the dishwasher is empty and ready for dishes.

Start small.  If you want to get up at 5 am but you’re getting up at 7am, don’t just jump into the two hour time difference. Set your alarm for 6am for a week or so and go to bed earlier. When you’re ready to make the adjustment to 5am work in 15-30 minute increments over a week or two. If you like the results, keep going to bed a little earlier and waking up earlier until you’ve formed this habit.

What do you think? Is this a change you’d like to make?