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It’s entertaining season – parties and get-togethers are such a fun way to stay in touch with friends, neighbors, and family but it’s a lot of work to put together a gathering. Enjoy the party and keep your home clean with these simple tips for things you can clean while entertaining. The key to pulling this off is to strike a balance between enjoying the party and keeping the house tidy while entertaining.​ Staying up hours after the guests have left or cleaning the next day isn’t fun – here are a couple ways you can keep the party going while tidying up along the way.

Keep these tools handy:

Welcome your guests at the door with a basket of comfy socks or slippers that they can slip on and leave their shoes at the door. Not only will your guests feel more at home, but this will also keep your floors a little cleaner at the same time.

If you have pets, make sure that you have a lint roller handy so the guests can roll away any pet hair before leaving your house. Place a Scotch-Brite®Lint Roller near the coats or where you can offer it if needed. You can also use the lint roller to quickly clean up crumbs without hauling out the vacuum cleaner.

Broken glass? Don’t worry, just grab that lint roller to get any microscopic shards of glass in a hurry.

Keep a Scotch-Brite®Scrub Dots Dishwand and Scrub Sponge at the sink for quick dish washing. Loaded with dish soap, the dishwand is perfect for hand washing delicate glassware and pots and pans. Add water and dish soap to any large pots and pans and let them soak while you enjoy the party. The Scotch-Brite® Scrub Dots will power through any tough stuck-on food after the guests leave and rinses cleanly for more efficient dish washing.

Have a couple sponges and cloths ready for wiping up drips and spills as they happen. Place one by the stove and one by the sink.

By keeping them accessible they’re ready to be used and can be used by anyone helping out in the kitchen.

Set up anything that your guests will need ahead of time. Plates, silverware, napkins, etc. Buffet tables or counters work great for entertaining.

I like to use glasses and mason jars for keeping silverware handy. Stack napkins and plates near the silverware so guests can grab what they need and load up their plates in the same vicinity.

Place garbage cans where they’re accessible for guests. This keeps the end of the party clean-up to a minimum because guests know where to dispose of their trash. More trash in the garbage means less for you to clean up after the party.

Make it easy for your guests to enjoy the party by keeping things easy on you and making things accessible for them. These tips will help you clean a little as you go and it will make your end of the party clean up a breeze.