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Quick cleaning is essential in the summer; if you’re entertaining or just trying to get out the door and to the pool, having a plan and cleaning supplies that clean more efficiently is important.

Keep supplies handy and at the ready in the kitchen – stash your favorite all-purpose cleaner, baking soda for scrubbing, dish soap, sponges, dish cloths, and dishwands in a caddy or bucket will make it even easier to keep your kitchen clean this summer.

Materials Needed:

Clean counters and a clean sink make the whole kitchen look clean and it helps to give it that just cleaned feeling. To get this done more quickly, I’m loving the new Scotch-Brite® Scrub Dots tools. With two versions – non-scratch and heavy duty, I can use the non-scratch on counters and the heavy duty sponge on tough-to-clean dishes. I love that the Dots rinse clean so I don’t have any food stuck in my sponge.

Wipe down counters with a sponge. Simply make a mixture of warm soapy water (a drop or two your favorite dish soap will be great here) in a small bowl. Dip your sponge in the solution, wring thoroughly and wipe quickly. Follow with a Scrub Dots Dish Cloth to dry and buff to a shine.

Use a dishwand for cleaning dishes – the soap is loaded in the handle which it makes it so easy to give your pots, pans, and dishes a quick scrub. Simply scrub, rinse, and dry by hand or air dry.

I keep a dishwand under the kitchen sink just for scrubbing the sink. Wet the sink, scrub away – you can sprinkle a little baking soda on the surface and scrub with the dishwand if needed. The pre-loaded soap makes this little task so simple. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Keep your silverware in a bowl or colander to quickly load them into the dishwasher or hand wash in one quick step. This little tip also keeps the knives out of the garbage disposal. I use a dish if the silverware or knives need a little presoaking and if they need to be washed I use a colander.

When your refrigerator is empty or before you head to the grocery store, quickly wipe the shelves. If you’re doing this weekly you’ll find that the refrigerator is staying clean longer and it’s nice to load those groceries on clean shelves and into clean drawers.

Be ready for messes – keep a sponge or cloth near your stovetop while you’re cooking. While you’re waiting for water to boil or chicken to sear, wipe up little drips and spills while you’re at the stove. Once all the cooking is done, do a quick swipe with your cloth or sponge.

Wiping up these little messes and cleaning as you go, will ultimately save you time in deep cleaning and bonus, your kitchen will be clean most of the time!