Decluttering our homes seems like a task we can only do when we’re physically present in our homes.  But there are certain decluttering tasks you can do and even complete when you’re miles away, whether you’re immersed in your daily job or relaxing on vacation. I’m sharing seven ways to declutter and simplify even when you’re not home. Let’s maximize those hours spent outside the home, and return to a space that feels fresher and lighter.

  1. Zero out your email inbox. This can be done quickly on your phone or on a laptop – set up folders to file emails that you need to keep. Go the extra step to unsubscribe to unwanted email lists as you go.
  2. Go through pictures on your phone/computer and delete duplicates or unwanted pictures. This is a great decluttering activity when you’re traveling or waiting. This can also be something you do daily, just go through all the images on your phone for the day, after doing this for a year you’ll have ‘decluttered’ your pictures.
  3. Sort through computer files and/or emails and put them in folders. If you have emails that need to be saved, put them in folders. Disorganized desktop? Go through files and delete what you no longer need, empty the trash. Create folders on your desktop instead to sort and organize important files. If you have an abundance of files, do a quick search for how to delete in bulk on your device.
  4. Clean out your purse. If you can, dump out your purse on a table or desk and do a quick sort. Toss wrappers and receipts that you no longer need. If you use a wallet, do a quick clean out of that too!
  5. Organize your phone screen. Decide on an organizational system that makes sense for how you use your phone. Delete unused apps, categorize apps in folders. If you’re looking to spend less time on your phone, take a couple minutes to set up some boundaries for yourself using the settings of your device.
  6. Clean out your car.  If you’re sitting in your car waiting, use the time to do a quick clean out of the glovebox and/or center console. Keep a cleaning cloth in your console so you can do a quick dust anytime. If you are able to, grab any garbage and toss it!
  7. Declutter your desk at work. You don’t have to remove everything from your desk at once but you can do a section at a time or work on a drawer during a lunch break or a break. Watch your productivity soar!

One of the Daily Tasks in the Clean Mama Routine is to deal with clutter, this makes a huge difference in how our homes feel and it also helps free up space in that never-ending to do list. Instead of thinking of what you can’t get done because you’re at work, in the car, on vacation, look at what you CAN get done!

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