8 Simple Laundry Tips and Hacks via Clean Mama

  • Keep your detergent, softener and laundry liquids uniform and easy to store with repurposed drink dispensers. Includes chalkboard printable labels, too! Via Simply Designing
  • Ever wonder just what all those symbols mean on your tags? Decode them with this cute free printable and post in your laundry room for instant help. Via Clean Mama
  • Sort laundry as you go while maximizing your space with this DIY tiered laundry station. Includes detailed instructions for making your own. Via Hoosier Homemade
  • Cut down on dryer sheet consumption and nasty chemicals when you make your own wool dryer balls. Softens laundry without leaving behind any residue. Via Made From Pinterest
  • Betcha didn’t know you could wash Legos and other hard toys in the washer! Such a great way to get rid of the grimy buildup from the hours of playtime. Via Gettin By
  • Empower your family, big or small, to tackle the laundry monster. There are some seriously good tips in here to help minimize your time doing laundry. Via An Inviting Home
  • Check out these suggestions for some surprising tips and tricks to make laundry easier for you! Via Clean Mama
  • Make your own laundry stain stick to rub on those stubborn stains before laundering. Perfect for a little pretreating before you get to washing it. Via One Good Thing

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