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In an effort to round up some of the best posts from 2015 I decided to bring it to you indexed style. Every single post I put on the blog I think about if it’s really making everyday life easier, simplified, and just a little bit more enjoyable. I hope you find this post helpful and encouraging! Divided into categories, you’ll find content easy to locate. Call it the motherload of cleaning and organizing tips or your new favorite reference post on Clean Mama. Read on to see what I have to say about routines, DIY cleaners, homekeeping, organizing, spring cleaning, kid stuff, menu planning and more! Thanks for reading and homekeeping along with me!


Want to make a cleaning resolution that actually lasts past January?
Keep your home cleaner with these six daily tasks.
Wondering just why you should declutter?
Speed clean your home in 30 minutes. Perfect for busy days and unexpected guests.
Feeling overwhelmed? Do one of these simple tasks.
Practical cleaning tips no matter what your work schedule or lifestyle is.
This free daily routine printable is perfect for posting and helping keep yourself accountable.
One simple tip is all it takes for a clutter-free home.
Reset your home in just five days with this routine and printable.
Ready for some deeper fall cleaning? This routine and printable is perfect for getting home ready for autumn.
Clear these six surfaces when your home starts to feel cluttered.
Use a basket to help contain all those random items that need to find a home.
Wondering what the secret to a clean home is?
Ready for a restart and a cleaner home? Check out this Come Clean Challenge and free printable.

DIY Cleaners:

Fantastic resource for making all sorts of your own natural DIY cleaners.
Get rid of dirt, smudges and sticky fingerprints on your cupboards and woodwork with this DIY cleaner.
Clean your dish disposal naturally.
Sanitize your sponge and get rid of germs with these three different methods.
Make your home smell lovely with these natural stovetop simmers.
DIY cleaners perfect for the kitchen.
Cut the sharp vinegar smell with this citrus scented vinegar recipe.

Free Printables:

Assortment of all sorts of to-do lists perfect for any home and routine.
Looking to sell your home and want to be ready for showings? Use this printable checklist to help.
Make meal planning a breeze with this weekly printable.


How to get and keep your shower clean. Includes DIY cleaner recipes!
Get rid of the gunk and grime in your bathroom once and for all.
Clean your whirlpool tub and jets with this routine.
Speed clean ALL your bathrooms in just 15 minutes.
Make your bathroom cleaning and organizing a breeze with these tips.
Toilet care game changers to help with those annoying toilet related cleaning tasks.
Organize your toiletries logically with these organizational tips.
No chemicals necessary with these 8 DIY bathroom cleaners. Printable included.


Clean your kitchen sink, no matter what the surface, following these cleaning suggestions.
Four homekeeping skills you need in the kitchen.
Clean your drip or single serve coffeemaker with ease.
How to clean clean every nook and cranny of your gas cooktop.
Help maintain your cast iron cookware with these cleaning tips.
Speed clean your kitchen in 15 minutes! Printable included.


Some of my favorite tools and products that help me stay organized in my home.
Declutter and clean your entire home in just 30 days. Includes printable list to help you get started today.
How to speed organize any space in 15 minutes.
Create a simple yet efficient command center for your home.
Clean and organize your entryway for guests with these tips.
All sorts of great tools and products to help you clean and organize.
Use printables to help organize your schedule and life.
Make a thank you note caddy to make easier work of note writing.
Simplify the holiday season so you can enjoy it.

Recipes and Meal Planning:

Ready for an easy and delicious make ahead stir fry recipe?
Busy week? Check out this week long menu plan for help getting dinner on the table fast.
Seven time-saving meals perfect for crazy weeks ahead!
Organize your recipes for effective meal planning.
Make ahead mix and match grilling menu perfect for get-together and holidays.
Put together a s’mores caddy for the ideal summer treat.
Add structure to your meal planning routine to make meal prep time easier.
Have a batch of cookies ready anytime with this make ahead tip.
Make 6 to 8 meals in about an hour using ground turkey as the star ingredient.
Make ahead baking mixes are perfect for when you want baked goods ready in a hurry.
This Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip is perfect as an easy and yummy appetizer.


Wondering what the best tools, products and methods are for cleaning your hard surface floors?
Clean your hardwood floors using vinegar and one of these three methods.
Use one (or all!) of these DIY floor cleaning recipes to clean naturally and without chemicals.


Laundry Day vs. Laundry Every Day – find a laundry routine that works for your schedule and life.

Spring Cleaning:

Some of my favorite tools for spring cleaning.
Be armed and ready for spring cleaning with a little help here.
Spring clean your home in 30 days.
30 minute tasks to get your home cleaned in 30 days this spring.

Helpful Homekeeping and Cleaning Tips:

Keep your vacuum in tip top shape with a simple but effective cleaning.
Wondering what the best way to vacuum, wash your pillows, do laundry or clean your mattress is?
Clean your upholstered, leather or microfiber furniture to freshen, brighten and remove stains.


Put together a kid-safe cleaning caddy for some help around the home. Includes a safe DIY cleaner recipe too.
Enlist some help from kids with these age-appropriate tasks.
Preschool age-appropriate chores that are actually helpful! Includes free printable.
Encourage your school-aged child(ren) to pitch in with these chore ideas. Free printable included.
Be ready for a picnic anytime by packing the perfect picnic bag.
Encourage independence in your kids with these lunch and snack packing tips.

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