If you do a little DIY cleaning you might find that keeping items on hand in bulk is helpful for mixing up cleaning recipes when you need them, but it can be hard to know what you need and just how much you should store. When I designed the Cleaning Closet in our mudroom, it created it as a place for storage but as an easy to mix up supplies sort of are too. You can see the full mudroom tour here. I’ve worked and re-worked this space and thought you might like to see where it’s at today.

I know that having a ‘cleaning closet’ is a perk of my job as a cleaning expert – you can use the ideas in this post to create a cleaning caddy, a cleaning cupboard, a dedicated area under your kitchen sink….don’t let space stop you from making what you have work for you!

If you’re new here, I talk quite a bit about DIY Cleaning – I share recipes here on the blog and I’ve written multiple books that include my recipes as well. This is something I am passionate about for safety and efficacy, as well as knowing exactly what you’re cleaning with. And of course, a DIY cleaner that actually works better than a conventional cleaner, is safe, and cheap?  That’s what I’m after!

Everything you see here is linked!  I sell most of these products in the Clean Mama Shop, my Favorites Page or I have them listed in my Amazon shop as well.

  1. GLASS JARS – great for organizing and containing. I keep wood clothespins, scrub brushes, and bars of castile soap IN THEM.
  3. PRE-MIXED CLEANERS – This is where I keep DIY SOLUTIONS that are already mixed up and ready. I also keep a couple of my favorites here too.
  4. DIY INGREDIENTS – Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda, washing soda, Oxygen Whitener, epsom salt, rubbing alcohol. I keep the larger powders in large Ball jars – I wrote the names with chalk marker on the lids. See how I did this HERE.
  5. EMPTY SPRAY BOTTLES + SPRAYERS – GLASS SPRAY BOTTLES that fit comfortably in your hand make cleaning more enjoyable (really!). You can see all the spray bottles, jars, and labels in my shop here – I like to make DIY’ing your cleaners simple and fun!
  6. FUNNELS – I attached my Stainless Steel Funnels to the side of the cupboard with a removable hanger. You can find the funnels in my shop HERE.
  7. TURNTABLES/LAZY SUSANS – I love having a designated spot for DIY ingredients and liquid concentrates and soaps. I love how the Lazy Susans make those supplies easy to access.
  8. MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS – I love cleaning with microfiber – having the cloths at-the-ready make using them easy. You can see the MICROFIBER IN MY SHOP HERE.
  9. BAR MOP TOWELS – I love using BAR MOP TOWELS for cleaning in the kitchen and any other cleaning. I keep a stash in my cleaning closet and in the kitchen.
  10. FLOUR SACK TOWELS – These vintage style FLOUR SACK TOWELS are great for glass and windows, drying dishes, and if you want to clean with cotton. Bonus: they dry super quickly!
  11. FLOOR PADS + FLOOR DUSTERS – This basket holds MICROFIBER PADS for floor cleaners and FLOOR DUSTERS.
  12. FLOOR + CARPET CLEANING SOLUTIONS – I use DIY floor cleaners or concentrates (like castile soap or Sal Suds) most of the time on my floors but I keep a couple floor and carpet cleaners on hand. You can see my favorite floor cleaning tools and products on my CLEANING FAVORITES PAGE HERE.
  13. FLOOR CLEANING TOOLS – I love having my floor cleaning tools handy – you can see my favorites HERE.
  14. HOOKS – I love these stick-on hooks for hanging brooms and floor cleaning tools and these S hooks for hanging dusters and other items on the bar.
  15. BASKETS + STORAGE – Finding the right baskets for the products makes all the difference!  You can find most of the baskets I use here.

What’s your favorite DIY recipe?  Need some ideas?  Go here to see all of my DIY recipes!  If you’re new here, start with this post – it has 8 DIY Cleaners That Will Change Your Home.