January 28, 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things : Organizing Edition

I love it when websites and bloggers post their favorite products – I hope you do too! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite things: ORGANIZING EDITION. The products I’m sharing are items that I have in my home and use on a daily or weekly basis. These are products you probably have seen before on the blog – these are my must-haves in my home because they work, look good, and simplify things. I hope you enjoy and get some ideas for organizing your home as well! Some of the links are affiliate links, but rest assured, clicking on the link is free.

Clean Mama's Favorite Organizing Products via Clean Mama

  1. The Grook Utility Holder from Casabella – I have this in my mudroom closet to hold handled tools and gadgets.
  2. Tiered Spice Organizer – You can see how I use this and the below listed Lazy Susan in my spice cabinet – love these!
  3. Lazy Susan – If you haven’t used lazy Susans in your home, you need to start! They’re perfect for small spaces, cabinets, under cabinets, etc.
  4. Fiestaware bread tray – I love Fiestaware – we use it exclusively for dinnerware and I love these bread trays to keep kitchen counters clear. They are available in lots of colors – I have white and turquoise.
  5. Ball canning jars – I love vintage Ball jars and have quite a collection. I use them for storing dishwasher tabs, decoration, my sink scrub
  6. milk crate basket – I have more of these than I’d like to admit. I love them for keeping toys contained! You can see this basket and how I use the other two below in this blog post.
  7. large round basket – we have two of these – one for Duplos in the family room and one for backpacks in the mudroom. Love them!
  8. magazine basket – I love magazines and keep my working collection contained in this basket.
  9. over the door shoe organizer – I use these for storing cleaning supplies and organizing American Girl Doll clothes for my daughter. Such a great solution.
  10. Doxie WiFi scanner – I love the Doxie Mobile Scanner for digitizing that paper. If you have paper piles and aren’t sure what to do with them, check out this post.
  11. boxes – I have these in my office and love them!
  12. caddy – I love using caddies for organizing cleaning supplies. I have quite a few, this one is my latest.
  13. label maker – There are lots of label makers out there – this one is the one I have and love. I use it to label pantry items, kid stuff, drawers, etc. It’s a great tool to have!
  14. notebook – Every home needs a homekeeping binder (says the girl with the printable business). Find one you love (the one I love is hit and miss at stores, so I’ll probably need to find something new) and organize those important papers, calendars, bills, etc. Go here to see all the posts I’ve done on homekeeping binders.

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