We all want a simple holiday season that we remember as more than a blur and a clean house while enjoying everything wouldn’t hurt, right? With some effort and planning ahead of time you can get your home ready for the holidays with just a little bit of time every day. Come see how a simple holiday cleaning checklist can help!

When I asked readers what you want in posts over the next month or so, the most-asked for post was holiday cleaning – what to clean, how to clean, and how to clean with all the holiday hoopla. I get it – we’re all busy and the last thing any of us want to do is clean. I’m going to push back just a bit and say that if you want a clean house during the holidays, you don’t need a fancy holiday cleaning checklist. You need a cleaning routine.  So, how do I clean the house for the holidays?

I keep doing the Clean Mama Cleaning Routine.

Instead of getting yourself into a frenzy over all that needs to be done, just do something every day starting today. Ten minutes or an hour – whatever time you have to spend – follow the routine and keep going. Little by little, day by day, your home will be cleaner and it will take you less time to get it ‘company ready’.

Nothing crazy or overwhelming, I do my best, keep plugging away and try to get to the tasks every day. This works because I am not adding anything to an already full schedule. I’m not prioritizing cleaning over my family or friends or the fun activities we have planned for November and December.

The best part of this is that once your company leaves and the holidays are over, you have a routine that you just keep doing day after day. You know what to clean and when to clean it. Instead of everyone leaving and feeling overwhelmed with all that there is to do, you do the basics like throwing sheets and towels in the laundry and cleaning bathrooms and then you just start with the task for the day of the week and you keep going.

I love a good checklist and I love a cleaning routine (obviously) but I’m here to tell you if you start today, you’ll be ready by Thanksgiving and definitely ready by December. I’m also going to be bossy and tell you that even if you feel like you’re too busy to do a cleaning routine, you’re too busy not to do a cleaning routine. Doing just any cleaning routine won’t cut it (this routine is meant to work in any situation and with any schedule, others aren’t). The Clean Mama Cleaning Routine will give you more time in your day and week and it will leave you with a clean house. I know that there are some people reading this thinking that this is only for someone that’s home all day – nope, it was designed for me, when I was gone all day teaching and working an extra job at night. Fast forward 15+ years later and it’s been put through so many tests by me in our home and by thousands of followers. It works. Still skeptical?  Head to this post for more about working outside the home and doing the routine. Just make sure you come back for the free printables!

I have 3 different checklists on the Free Printables page (if you are already on my email list, just put the password into the second box – no email is required. If you aren’t on my email list, put your email address in, check your inbox for the password and pop that into the second box.) These printables are perfect for getting your home ready for the holidays and beyond. First of all, if you’re new to my routine grab these two printables:

The Cleaning Routine Calendar explains the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly or Rotating Tasks and the Cleaning Routine at a Glance is a checklist for the Daily and Weekly Cleaning Tasks – it’s for a month at a glance. You’ll also find my free monthly calendar on the Free Printables page too if you prefer that format. Print these out and START. No excuses – think how awesome your house will look BEFORE you get that urge to donate everything in January.

A checklist for a quick whole house clean

If you want a quick whole house style checklist, grab the 30 Minute Quick Clean – there’s room to add your own tasks and it’s intended to be a quick clean checklist to get ready for guests. I love it and use it anytime we have company coming over or if I need a little motivation in the form of a checklist. Of course, if you have overnight guests, there might be a little more involved in getting ready and that might take a little more than 30 minutes, but this is a great reference page and place to start.

What do you think? Are you ready to hop on the cleaning routine train? I guarantee that if you start now, you’ll be so glad you did once December hits!

I am so excited to share that your guide to quieting your home with each season – the Clean Mama Quarterly – Winter Edition is available in my shop. 18 pages of calendars, inspiration, homekeeping guides and moments for you.

Simply print off the pages and get ready to love your home this holiday season. Grab yours here!
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