Summer is here! If you are looking for some ways to combine learning and fun this summer let me introduce you to a new blogger Mommy Maleta (mah-lay-tah). Mommy Maleta has a great program (it’s free!) for her readers and their children to explore the world online. I think you’ll love what she offers…..

Mommy Maleta

Mommy Maleta (Spanish for suitcase) is a world traveling mother of 3. She explores the world one suitcase at at time on her blog by choosing countries alphabetically. She then spends 4 weeks on each country teaching world geography and culture. For example, for her first series she explored Australia because it starts with the letter A. She follows this pattern for each country:

  • Week 1 – country flag, map, and country facts
  • Week 2 – interview
  • Week 3 – craft
  • Week 4 – recipe

Currently Mommy Maleta and her explorers are in France discovering places including The Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. Her “Week 2 French Post” features an interview with her friend Pierre who grew up in France.

Mommy Maleta bio

Most importantly, don’t miss this special edition over at Mommy Maleta that will show you 3 Ways To Sneak World Geography Into Your Summer Fun!