a simplified week

As part of Start Here. I post a weekly recap with a couple ideas (mostly simple and easy to implement) for the week’s focus and a few ideas from the web that I’ve enjoyed over the week. Did you grab May’s FREE cleaning and organizing calendar? Look for June’s calendar next week! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Around the Web:

Linen Closet:

  • Have just a couple of minutes? Try one of these tips to tidy up your linens in no time. Via Clean Mama
  • What a difference two hours of dedicated organizing makes! I especially like how this makeover didn’t require a slew of new organizing tools or containers. Via Boxwood Clippings
  • This is such an impressive linen closet makeover! The use of vertical dividers to keep stacks separate is such a good idea to prevent spillover. Via Simplicity in the South

Something to Eat:

  • We have been firing up the grill a lot these days. This recipe for grilled vegetables looks like the perfect side for everything from chicken to burgers. Via Gimme Some Oven

Something to Make:

Something for the Kids:

  • Whip up a couple busy bags for the kids on your sewing machine with just a little time and effort. Perfect for car trips, waiting rooms and down time. Via Infarrently Creative


  • With summer comes the inevitable dirty little footprints that make their way inside. Put together a simple foot washing station outside in order to minimize the mess indoors. Via Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms