a simplified week

As part of Start Here. I post a weekly recap with a couple ideas (mostly simple and easy to implement) for the week’s focus and a few ideas from the web that I’ve enjoyed over the week.

I’m also over at Clutter Interrupted with a podcast and a blog post all about creating a simple cleaning routine – go here to see the post and hear the interview!


  • Need some practical and effective tips to keep the mail and paper clutter to a minimum on your countertops? This ought to help! Via Clean Mama
  • This great round-up from Better Homes and Gardens has oodles of ideas for mail storage – I especially like the bucket idea for daily mail storage and sorting.

Something to Eat:

  • Cookies and Cream Puppy Chow! This variation is fantastic with the addition of white chocolate and milk chocolate tossed with Oreos or Joe-Joe’s to switch it up. Addictive and yummy! Via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Something to Make:

  • I love the cheery pre-planted Spring bulbs that are popping up at Trader Joes’s and the grocery store. This centerpiece is absolutely adorable with a couple of additions to the bulbs. It doesn’t get much Spring-ier than this. Via Sand and Sisal

Something for the Kids:

  • We have a couple little trips planned in the coming months and several Lego fanatics who I know would love this little number. It’s a travel Lego case using an IKEA storage bin that would fit perfectly into a backpack or purse, all for under $10. Via Pleasantest Thing


  • We are big fans of oatmeal around here. I love this simple little time-saver for scooping up oats in the morning. Via Jen Thousand Words