a simplified week

As part of Start Here. I post a weekly recap with a couple ideas (mostly simple and easy to implement) for the week’s focus and a few ideas from the web that I’ve enjoyed over the week. Did you grab August’s FREE cleaning and organizing calendar? Go here to grab it!


  • Are your kid’s toys threatening to take over? Follow this one simple idea to get a handle on the chaos with Clean Mama.
  • If you feel like you are up to your ears in toys, look no further than this post from White House Black Shutters for some serious intervention inspiration.
  • As kids get older, it’s easy for sports gear to replace the toy chaos. This method from Amber’s Organizing looks ideal for keeping everything in its place.

Something to Eat:

  • Want to make a fancy cheese platter without the fuss? I am loving these recommendations from BuzzFeed on how to make a stellar cheese platter using grocery store variety cheese.

Something to Make:

  • We have some spare single chairs that I would love to spruce up with a coat of colorful paint and use again. Perhaps spray painting is the way to go. This tutorial looks like the perfect nap time project. Via RefreshRestyle

Something for the Kids:

  • There is something about an old-fashioned tire swing that brings back such sweet childhood memories. I’d love to add one to our yard following this great tutorial from Today’s Creative Blog.


  • Oh, how quickly a car can go from clean to trashed with all the running around we do. Check out these awesome hacks on keeping your car clean and organized. Via Kid’s Activities Blog