I am so excited to share with you that ALL the printables in the shop are completely updated and SIMPLIFIED! When I started making and selling printables 10+ years ago on Etsy, I was the first person to sell printable homekeeping documents – really!  Now I have amazing designers that can bring my ideas to you in a simple and effective way. I am so excited to share what’s new in the shop with INTRO pricing for you – just $14!  When I say that it’s been simplified, I mean it. There are 5 kits – just the BEST organizational documents, designed to help you organize each area of your life. You’ll see that they coordinate perfectly with the Homekeeping Planner (on sale) and Homekeeping Society Subscription and they’re designed to be used together or separately.

I thought about the biggest things that we all struggle with and came up with an action plan for each.

  • Can’t get ahold of your clutter? The Clutter Handbook will help you get rid of it for good.
  • Want to start a Cleaning Routine but need some direction or want a checklist to show you how to quickly clean your bathroom or washing machine? The Guide to a Clean Home is just what you need!
  • Can’t figure out how to get dinner on the table every night or want to put together a Recipe Binder? The Dinner Rotation and Menu Planning Guide is made for you!
  • Want to put together a Home Binder so you have all the important info in one place? Grab Clean Mama’s Home Binder.
  • Want to figure out how to be more productive with the time you have? The Productivity and Goals Reset Guide is designed to help you find more time and get more done.

Go here to Check them all out now or keep reading for even more info!

Each kit includes a QUICK START GUIDE to help you get the most out of each kit. No more wondering where to start or what to do, the QUICK START GUIDE will take you through the kit, help you make goals, and use each kit to its maximum potential. Let me take you through the kits – you can see all of them here. There’s also a discount if you grab them all at once with the COMPLETE PRINTABLE KIT.

The Clean Mama’s GUIDE TO A CLEAN HOME is the most extensive and detailed cleaning and homekeeping kit I have ever created!  It includes 52 pages!

  • Cover + Table of Contents
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Using the Clean Mama Routine
  • The Daily Tasks Checklists
  • Pre-Filled + Blank Daily Task Trackers
  • The Weekly Tasks Checklists
  • Pre-Filled + Blank Weekly Cleaning Checklists
  • Pre-Filled + Blank Complete Cleaning Checklists
  • Pre-Filled + Blank One-A-Week Cleaning Checklists
  • The Rotating Tasks Checklists
  • Rotating Cleaning Checklist
  • Pick-A-Month Rotating Cleaning Checklist
  • Blank Rotating Cleaning Checklist
  • 12 Monthly Focus Checklists (2 months per page)
  • Favorite DIY Recipes
  • Lavender + Lemon Disinfecting Cleaner, Tea Tree Mildew Remover, Rust + Mineral Deposit Remover
  • Daily Shower Spray, Nightly Sink Scrub, Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Mattress + Carpet Freshener
  • All-Purpose Cleaner, Window + Glass Cleaner, Soft Cleaning Paste, Powder Scrub
  • Disinfecting Cleaner, Cleaning by the Bucket, Lavender + Lemon Fabric Freshener, Stone Cleaning Spray
  • Blank DIY Recipe Cards
  • Quick Clean Checklists
  • Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen, Bedrooms, Living Spaces + Whole House Quick Cleans
  • 15 Minute Bathroom Quick Clean
  • Washing Machine Quick Clean (for top + front-loading washers)
  • Dishwasher Quick Clean
  • Spring Cleaning Checklists
  • Spring Cleaning Quick Start
  • 60 Minute Spring Clean
  • Whole Home + Home Project Checklists
  • Room-By-Room Checklists for Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms, Living Areas, Laundry Room + Entryway / Mudroom
  • Blank Room-By-Room Checklist

If you are looking for an easy way to clean your home while enjoy your busy life, this is it! It will take time and a little figuring out, but it’s worth it and within no time you’ll love the home you’re in. Just minutes a day, simple action steps, and no marathon cleaning sessions on the weekends is THE way to clean your home.

If menu planning sounds daunting or difficult, it’s because you haven’t been carving out the time and space to get started. The DINNER ROTATION & MENU PLANNING GUIDE will help you figure out what to eat and when to eat it. You’ll love the simple, easy-to-use format. Simply print off the pages and get ready to tackle meal time with ease! This guide includes 77 pages and The Recipe Binder Kit and how-to.

  • Cover + Table of Contents
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Part 1: The Dinner Rotation
  • Family Favorites
  • Family Favorites for Each Season
  • Easy Dinners + Weeknight Dinners
  • Dinners without a Recipe
  • Meals to Try
  • Part 2: Menu Plans for All
  • Menu Plan for the Week, Sunday + Monday Starts
  • Two-Week Menu Plan, Sunday + Monday Starts
  • Month at a Glance Menu Plan, Sunday + Monday Starts
  • Menu Plan Brainstorming
  • Part 3: Let’s Take Inventory
  • Freezer, Meals in the Freezer, Pantry, Kitchen + Refrigerator Inventory Trackers
  • Pre-Filled Grocery Shopping List, Category Shopping List, Blank Shopping List
  • Part 4: The Recipe Binder
  • How to Make a Recipe Binder
  • Helpful Tips
  • Substitutions + Measurement Equivalents
  • Blank Recipe Cards
  • Divider Labels for Your Binder – fits standard Avery tab dividers; print, trim, and use in dividers
  • 3 Title Pages to Choose From – “Family Recipes”, “Dessert Recipes”, “The Recipe Binder”
  • 32 Recipe Category Divider Sheets including: Recipes to Try, Family Favorites, Menu Rotation, Breakfast, Appetizers, Salads + Dressings, Sandwiches, Soups + Stews, Side Dishes, Rice + Grains, Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Weeknight Meals, Pasta + Sauces, Vegetables, Slow Cooker + Instant Pot, Pizza, On the Grill, Make Ahead, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Yeast Breads + Rolls, Canning, Holidays + Celebrations, Desserts, Quick Breads, Cakes + Frostings, Cookies + Candies, Pies + Tarts
  • Blank Recipe Category Divider Sheet – make your own!

Life can be busy! But being productive doesn’t have to feel busy. Being productive is simply getting things done, accomplished, and checked off. The PRODUCTIVITY & GOALS RESET GUIDE  includes Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planners, Habit and Time Trackers, and Project Guides. This Guide is designed to help you increase your productivity and reach your goals!

  • Cover + Table of Contents
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Daily Planner
  • Pre-filled + Blank Weekly Planners
  • Monthly Planner, Sunday + Monday Starts
  • Any Day To-Do List
  • To-Do List
  • The Grid Page
  • Proejct Planner
  • Time Tracker
  • Habit Tracker
  • Year at a Glance

You need a place to store your family information, here is your solution!  The HOME BINDER includes a Family Information section, Projects + Home Maintenance, Budget + Bills, AND Kids’ Chore Charts and age-appropriate chore lists.

  • Cover + Table of Contents
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Part 1: Family Information
  • Important Dates List
  • Insurance Information
  • Important Contacts
  • In Case of an Emergency Worksheet
  • Childcare, School, Medical + Pet Care Information
  • Part 2: Projects and Home Maintenance
  • Appliance + Automobile Maintenance Logs
  • Paint Color Tracker
  • Projects Checklist
  • Service Professional Contacts
  • Part 3: Budget and Bills
  • Bill Payment Checklist
  • Checkbook Register
  • Debt + Debt Eliminator Tracker
  • Monthly Budget Worksheet
  • Password Log
  • Part 4: Kids Chore Charts
  • Chore Ideas for School-Aged Children
  • Chore Ideas for Preschool Children
  • Blank Chore Charts

THE CLUTTER HANDBOOK (this is what was updated last month, nothing is new) is a 47-page PDF guide designed to take the guesswork out of decluttering your home. If you’re starting from a room you can’t walk into or just a couple clutter piles, this guide is designed to take you from clutter to decluttered in simple, manageable steps.

PART 1: The Basis for Clutter
Find Your Reason
Clutter Goals + Timeline
PART 2: Getting Started
50 Things You Can Toss or Donate Today
PART 3: The Declutter Process
Declutter Quick Start
Declutter Order
Clutter Task Checklists
PART 4: Put an End to Paper Clutter
Ways to Eliminate Paper Clutter
Paper Clutter Checklist
How Long to Keep It For Guidelines
PART 5: Maintaining a Decluttered Home
Maintenance Tips
Systems to Put In Place
PART 6: Resources & Checklists
Clutter Checklist
Keep, Toss, Donate, Relocate pages
Paper – Toss, File, Shred pages
Clutter Task Checklists
Declutter Order Checklist
Paper Clutter Checklist
Weekly Clutter Calendar
Monthly Clutter Calendar
Space for Notes
Blank Checklist

Phew!  It feels so good to share this update with you – I hope you love the changes and I can’t wait to hear how the kits simplify your life. Which Kit are you going to try? You can see all of the Clean Mama Kits here. Or grab them all at once at a discount with the COMPLETE PRINTABLE KIT.