I love Instagram, it’s such a fun social media platform and I thought I’d quick pop in today to talk to you a little bit about why it’s so fun and how I use it differently than any other social media platform. First things first, if you aren’t following me on Instagram, hop over for a quick follow:

Follow Clean Mama on InstagramI use Instagram as a way to communicate my daily cleaning routine tasks – this is such a GREAT way to stay on top of your daily tasks. Every morning I post a visual image (they are different every week to keep you interested) with a quick tip or trick to motivate you to get that quick task out of the way for the day. I hear from readers all the time how they love seeing this visual reminder in their Instagram feed every day. If you have a question about products or how to clean something, I answer those questions right there on the posts. I also tag any products in the post so you can give it a tap to see where it’s from.

I post quick tips and lots of ideas and ways to simplify your life – here are a couple from the #cleanmamaquicktips hashtag:


And I also have exclusive 50% off Insta-Sales for my Clean Mama Printables shop – and I have one coming up tonight too! Another reason to follow along 🙂


I also give sneak peeks for new products and talk about current or upcoming blog posts, share fun products I find, and glimpes into my home. Follow along!