When my oldest outgrew her 0-3 month clothes, I washed, folded and put them away in a labeled 0-3 month bin. I shed a few tears and prepared myself to do this again in three months. This routine carried on until she outgrew the 12-18 month clothes and #2 was on his way. The process was quickly sped up and wasn’t an afternoon or evening affair anymore. I became less sentimental busier/more tired and just plain didn’t have the energy to devote to organizing clothes bins anymore. So I devised a new plan – an “outgrow as you go” plan. This is probably nothing new, but it was new to me and it works great, especially for end-of-season clothes and clothes that are outgrown before others. This is what I do:  I use my label maker and type my child’s name and the size of clothes that they are in right now. I put the label on the outside of the bin and place the bin in my child’s closet. When something doesn’t fit, it gets washed and stashed in the bin. As the months pass, the bin is filled up and when the size is no longer the size that my child is wearing, the bin goes down to the basement with all the others. What are your kids’ clothes storage solutions?