It’s that time of year – back to school! If you’re short on time and needing a little structure (like me), taking some time to get a couple systems in place will make the transition from summer to fall easy. I created a checklist to keep my goals in order and on track. I chose five projects that have made a huge difference in our house when it comes to organizing the back to school madness.

  • Lunch and Snack Station – setting aside a little pantry space for quick access to every day lunch items is a huge help. Littles can pack their own lunches and everything is where it’s supposed to by for the mad dash to the bus. We have containers for applesauce, cereal bars, other snacks, hand wipes, napkins, and zip top bags.
  • Homework Station – corral a couple supplies in a caddy or bin. Pull out the caddy after school and let the homework begin!
  • School Papers – figure out a system for school papers and artwork now before they come flooding in. It’ll save a lot of annoyance in the long run. Here’s a post on school memory boxes with free printables you can use too!
  • Organize Clothing – this is a great time to pack away the outgrown clothing and out of season clothing. Make it easy for your kids to choose their own outfits by grouping like items together.
  • Start/Update Binders – sometimes I feel like my binders are an extension of my brain. If you have never tried a homekeeping binder or just want to see mine, you can go here and here to see my cleaning binder.
  • Everything Else – that’s just the spot for all the other back to school preparations that come to mind.

Back to School Checklist - FREE PRINTABLE - Clean Mama

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Weekly Lunch Plan - Free Printable - Clean Mama

Having a hard time getting in the groove with what’s for lunch? Here’s a fun little lunch planning printable for back to school.

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