May 4, 2010

Baking Week

Once a month or so I like to do some batch baking to stock the freezer. I bake something every day for a week – I freeze most things, and we eat some of the home-baked goodness before it makes its way into the freezer. This week is baking week in our house, and I’d like to share with you how I did it.
First, I devised a plan with my docket. I added “baking” to the docket and correlated recipes with meals and with what else we had going on during the week. For instance, I made banana bread on Monday for lunches during the week. Tuesday, I made Make-Ahead Butterhorn Rolls – we’ll have some with dinner and I’ll freeze the rest.
Baking is a great activity to do with the kids – most of the time. They aren’t helping me with everything this week, but if I’m baking in the morning, they are most likely at the island measuring and scooping. Sometimes they get their own bowls and measuring cups/spoons with some flour to measure and scoop while I’m working on the actual recipe.
My best baking tip? Double recipes when you can so you have a loaf for eating and a loaf for freezing. My second best baking tip? KING ARTHUR FLOUR. It’s awesome. I buy it at Meijer or Target – it’s usually about the same price as the other brands, but it is so much better for baking. Just trust me. Their website is a wealth of information, recipes and tools, too.
Here are the recipes I am using this week:
Monday:  Banana Bread  from KAF (I substituted strawberry jam for the orange or apricot)
Tuesday:  Make Ahead Butterhorns from Money Saving Mom
Wednesday:  Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies from America’s Test Kitchen TV (you’ll have to give them your email to get the recipe, but it’s worth it! Seriously THE BEST chocolate chip cookies.
Thursday: No Knead Whole Wheat Bread from KAF – easy and great for toast or sandwiches
Friday: Whole Wheat Apple Bread from Penzeys Catalog back issue – can’t find it online. This is where I buy all of my spices – request a catalog – they have great recipes in it for free!
Saturday:  I’d like to bake a cherry pie with some cherries from the freezer – we’ll see.
Thursday I’m going to have a *free* printable of a pancake mix recipe that I make and freeze with a cute label printable perfect for giving as a Mother’s Day/hostess/new neighbor/new baby gift.

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