This week I’m focusing on bathrooms and doing a little deep cleaning in each of my bathrooms. In case you missed it, this is how I clean bathrooms every Monday. So I’ll clean my bathrooms today and also start on a  little bathroom project. This week I’m focusing on some areas that don’t get cleaned every week (hopefully they get cleaned a couple times a year) – I’m breaking it down and tackling one each day of this week. Hence, it’s Bathrooms Week at the Clean Mama Blog. I have a lot planned this week, so I made a special Weekly Docket (this is something that I can do for any docket that’s ordered – they are totally custom!) to help me out – I added Bathrooms and Baking. Check it out:
So Monday-Friday of this week, I’ll detail the extra bathroom cleaning that I’m doing and later in the week, I’ll do a post on my freezer baking (with recipes) for anyone that’s interested. So it’ll be a fun and busy week here and hopefully I’ll get a lot accomplished. Care to join in? I’m going to Twitter a bit about it – hop on my branch and stay informed. There will be a docket giveaway for those that hop on this week, so don’t delay.
Today’s bathroom task? FANS! This is a quick and easy task to start with.
  Remove the fan cover – this has visible dust and dirt – can you see it?
Wash off in sink or outside – let air dry.
Vacuum fan mechanism (and other high up areas while you’re on a ladder). Look at all that dust!
 Much better.
Put fan cover back (this was a bit tricky).
Much better.
Tomorrow I’ll be talking about bathtub toys and giving you some ideas for cleaning them. Have you ever cleaned your bathroom fans? After seeing how icky they get without cleaning, I think I’ll need to put this on a list of some sort.