Ah, ’tis the season for all sorts of viral, stomach and random bugs and sicknesses. If your community is anything like mine, it seems like everyone around us has fallen sick this winter, including us. It never fails that sickness creeps in at the most inopportune times like the middle of the night or when the thought of bringing all the kids to the store makes you want to run and hide. In an effort to avoid running to the store while helping my kids feel better at the same time, I like to keep a basket stocked with the necessities. I have found myself reaching for it and increasingly thankful that I have what I need on hand more than ever. Keep in mind that what I choose for my family when they are under the weather may be different than yours, but the concept remains the same no matter what. Having what you need on hand when sickness strikes is so helpful and makes tending to those who are sick a wee bit easier. Of course, check with your doctor or nurse line with questions and suggestions when in doubt. On to the good stuff! I keep a well stocked sick kit for just about anything that may come our way. Let’s take a peek at what I have in ours and what we use it for. Some of the items I keep in the refrigerator and others are kept in the kids medicine bin in our linen closet. I’ve linked just about everything up at the bottom of the post if you’re looking for sources (affiliate links used). Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes– I like to wipe down the germ hotspots, bathrooms, and other germy areas to minimize reinfection. Rubbing Alcohol Wipes– I use these often for wiping off thermometers, remotes, game controllers, tablets, and handles. You can easily make your own with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol. Biokleen Bac-Out– this works really well on carpet and clothing stains should the need arise. Rubber Gloves– because no one likes to touch that nasty stuff. Applesauce– easy on the tummy to digest when under the weather. Be sure to get the no sugar added kind. Chicken Stock or Broth– again, this is easy on the tummy and can help hydrate while adding a some nutrition without any additives. Coconut Water– this is our favorite beverage for rehydrating without any corn syrup, sugar or other unpronounceable ingredients. Berry Well this elderberry concoction works wonders at minimizing sickness and shortening the duration. We have not just the sick people but other family members take this when we come in contact with sick people or someone in our family has a bug. Essential Oils– there are so many options when it comes to essential oils. Do some research and see what may work for your family. When the kids are sick or around illness, I use the kid-safe roll-ons from Plant Therapy (my favorite is the Germ Destroyer). Epsom Salt– Another favorite use for essential oil is to add a couple drops of lavender essential oil to a detox bath with 1/2-1 cup of epsom salt in a warm water bath. Again do your research on this but it’s helped shorten the duration of a cold and lower a fever in our house. Mint Tea – helpful for sore throats and upset tummies, we always have a box of this on hand. Cough Medicine– because those middle of the night coughs are the worst! I try raw honey first as that does a great job of soothing a hacking cough in a hurry. Motrin/Tylenol– when we need to bring a fever down in a hurry, we use these sparingly. Activated Charcoal– we use this when the stomach flu or nauseous tummies are on the brink. It can help avoid throwing up when you can catch it early. Activities/Movie– it helps to have something new or novel to watch or play with when day two or three of being sick is on the horizon. I like the Color Wonder coloring books for little ones so they can stay on the couch or in bed and do a little mess-free activity. Toothbrushes– we replace toothbrushes after sickness strikes. It’s nice to have a couple on hand just in case. Getting sick is never fun for anyone, but hopefully the inconvenience and duration can be minimized with a well-stocked sick kit on hand. What do you like to keep on hand for when sickness strikes?

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