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October 18, 2021

How to Deep Clean (and Clean) the Kitchen with the Clean Mama Routine

The kitchen is the hardest working room in the home and requires a lot of daily cleaning and upkeep. A question I receive at least weekly is, “How do you…

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How to Deep Clean (and Clean) the Kitchen with the Clean Mama Routine

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Hundreds of thousands have found success using the Clean Mama routine. You can too!

“With 4 kids and a kitten I felt like I was ALWAYS (failing) to keep my house clean. I cringed at the thought of “Excuse my mess. My kids are making memories” schtick because they were really just making messes. Following Clean Mama’s schedule and having basically 1 area to focus on a day has greatly improved my attitude towards cleaning and believe it or not, has helped my house not only look more clean but it actually IS. I’m still working on making the beds everyday though hahaha. I’ve also transitioned to all of her DIY cleaning recipes and my kids are super stoked to be able to help me make them. It’s like an arts and crafts project. Plus, I just feel better about what I’m spraying in our home. “ – Shannon S.

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