Box Tops Storage Solution - Clean Mama

Anyone else have Box Tops in a zip top bag stashed in your pantry? That’s how we stored them and then when the bag was sort of full or at the end of the month, my grade school-er brings them in to school so her class can win prizes like a bubble party or a pajama day. (If you aren’t familiar with Box Tops, they are on boxes and containers of specific General Mills products and schools collect them, turn them in, and raise money for their schools.)  Our school makes a big deal out of the ol’ Box Top so we kind of had to join in on this venture.

Box Top Storage - Clean Mama

When I saw this pin and had an ‘I have to get that’ moment. I found a 3 pack of these magnetic spice containers here (not an affiliate link) and popped one on the side of the refrigerator,  put the Box Tops in from the zip top bag and that was it. Theses are spice containers so they already have the slot in the lid making this a super easy solution. So…where are your Box Tops? Have you come up with a great way to store them?

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