Have you seen the BrightNest website? It’s a great website that puts a fun spin on taking care of your home. We’re visiting each other’s sites this week and today I have a great post from Jessica at BrightNest to share with you.


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We all have an Achilles heel of clutter – that catchall for papers, books, knick-knacks and “stuff” in general. Even if the rest of your house is immaculate, this spot (or spots) can be a serious stress zone. Clean it up, clear it out and fight the clutter with these tips.

1. Entryway. If you’ve had a long day, it feels great to drop your bag and empty your pockets at the entryway. The problem is, long days add up. And so does the clutter in your entryway. Creating a system is quicker (and easier) than fighting habits, so identify the problem and adapt: If it’s mail, create a mail system for your family to follow. If it’s shoes, place a shoe rack by the front door. And if keys are the issue, add a bowl to the entryway table or a few hooks to the wall.

2. Under the sink. Your bathroom may look spotless on the surface, but under your sink lurks chaos. Toiletries, hair products and cleaning products all work together to form an intimidating mess. The solution is simple: First, audit what you have. Then, toss what’s old or expired. Lastly, group similar items together in clear containers so you can see what’s there. Done!

3. Top of the fridge. Fridge clutter is generally caused by refugee kitchen items. Make room in your pantries and cabinets for the clutter that’s living on top of your fridge. Once you’ve made some room, move things from on top of the fridge and integrate them into your pantry system. If you can’t break the fridge habit, at least make sure that the items are used every day and organized so that you can see what’s available. Tip: Mason jars make top-of-fridge organization easier.

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