Sometimes it’s a simple change that can bring a little order to a space. The silverware caddy is not a new concept, but maybe adding a couple things to it would simplify meal times. And you know what? It totally has! I had a napkin basket on our table and that was great, but I saw a couple different takes on the table caddy concept (this one is my favorite) and all of a sudden it changed my thinking.

So I thought about what we leave the dinner table to get – silverware, straws, napkins, and salt – and found a caddy that would hold it all.
I put the slilverware and straws in a small canning jar to keep them more contained and cleaner.

I found a caddy that would fit those items and what do you know – it works beautifully. Did someone just drop a spoon? No worries, here’s another one. Need a little more salt? Here’s the shaker. Straws make for easier drinking of milk – it tastes better, I hear. So we have those at the ready as well.

What’s the last simple change you made that made a big difference?Sources:
caddy – Crate and Barrel
straws – Target
silverware – kids set Oneida