I get a lot of questions about cleaning floors – how to clean them, what to clean them with, and how to clean them thoroughly. When Rug Doctor asked me to review and share their new product, the FlexClean, I was excited to see how it works and share it with you! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for a chance to win your own Rug Doctor FlexClean!

The FlexClean is an all-in-one floor cleaner that can clean the entire home – including hard surfaces, rugs, carpet, and more. Cleaning your carpets with the FlexClean and then cleaning hard surface floors with the same machine is really as simple as changing out the nozzle and turning the knob. The FlexClean did a great job deep cleaning my sealed hardwoods and tile floors as well as cleaning berber and plush carpeting.

What really impresses me about the FlexClean is that you can move through your whole house and clean your hard surface floors and carpets with the SAME machine. I especially like that the machine goes right up to the wall to clean edges.

Can you Clean Your Carpets + Hard Surface Floors with One Machine? Yes you can! And you can also clean steps, cars, and other hard to reach spaces too! I know from my own experience that we need and want our floors to be deep cleaned but we don’t want to own or store five different machines to do this job. You can use the FlexClean to clean up liquid messes on hard surface floors as well.

Here are a couple features from Rug Doctor:

  • Quickly adjusts to 3 optimized spray rates for carpet and hard floors
  • Features two different cleaning nozzles to effectively and safely clean carpet and hard floors
  • Pivots and handles like a lightweight vacuum
  • Powerful suction removes tough dirt, stains, odors, and more
  • Features two lightweight tanks that remove with one click for easy filling and disposal

Rug Doctor also sent me the FlexClean’s Upholstery and Spot Cleaning tool. It attaches the machine to deep clean stairs, furniture, auto interiors and other hard-to-reach places. I used it on our steps and found that it did a great job at getting up a couple old stains and it freshened up the steps as well. It attaches to the front of the machine with a simple snap and then you spray the solution on the area to be cleaned and run the tool over the area and it sucks everything right up.

Rug Doctor has  two cleaning solutions for the FlexClean: Rug Doctor’s All-in-One Multisurface Solution and All-in-One Pet Multisurface Solution. Both solutions are water-based and safe for kids and pets, non-toxic, phosphate-free, non-abrasive. And they won’t harm floors or leave residue.

I received the RugDoctor FlexClean to review and this is a post sponsored by RugDoctor. I only review and share products with you that I love and have tested in my own home. You can read my full disclosure policy here.