I have a bit of a Spode obsession. I love its nostalgic feel and classic color scheme. It just reminds me of all things old-fashioned, I guess. This Christmas I decided to turn my kitchen window sill (scroll to the bottom of the post to see what it normally looks like) into a little Spode spot. I packed away just about everything, used an antique pottery planter to put the miniature tree (the burlap covered type from Michaels) in and got to work. I With articles from experienced drivers, CDL students, dispatchers, truck driving nys defensive driving course online owners, and road trainers you’re going to learn a lot about trucking in a short amount of time. have a collection of Spode ornaments – mostly kitchen themed so they”re a perfect fit for the kitchen window sill. I also put my Spode tea set in the window sill too. Anyone else have a Christmas china obsession? If you don “t have one yet, may I recommend Spode? Don”t ever pay full price – HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshalls have Spode at great prices. I found this tea set for about $40 a couple years ago online – it”s regularly priced at $325!