I love clean, folded laundry. Since I’m the one that does the laundry in our house, I have a couple “laundry rules” that I follow to get the job done quickly. For me, the best way to do laundry in our house is to do at least one load a day. It may be rags, towels, or clothes, but I am washing, drying and putting away at least one load of laundry every day. If I get a load in first thing in the morning then it’s dry and ready to fold a bit later in the morning. No need to iron when I fold it out of the dryer. As for sorting clothes, I separate my clothes and my husband’s clothes into lights and darks, in our hampers. This is a huge timesaver. The kids each have a clothes basket and they each get their own load – I don’t separate their clothes into lights and darks unless they have a newer bright outfit. This keeps it easy because I just fold their clothes and put them away. If I feel like a procrastinator, I just dump the load of clothes on the bed and that way I know that I’ll get to it by bedtime.
So how I simplify the task of laundry is this:
one load a day
two hampers – with two dividers – for lights and darks (for me and my husband)
one basket for each kid – one load a week per kid (darks and whites together)
fold and put away laundry before starting a new load

So that’s the method that I use for the inevitable task of laundry. How do you do laundry – any tips for us?