Every once in a while, I feel like I need to update you on some happenings behind the scenes here at the blog and in my shop. Summer is so busy and I know that you are busy too, so I’ll keep this brief.

If you’re interested in creating a Homekeeping Binder, I’ve updated this post to include the new kits that I’ve been slowly adding to the shop. If you are inspired to create a binder for yourself or add to a binder that you’ve already made, you can use the code 20HOME for 20% off your entire order through 7/21/2012 at 8pm EST. (I have added a few new kits and calendars if you are interested in taking a peek.)
Just out of curiosity, is there anyone out there that hasn’t purchased on Etsy because you don’t want or have a Paypal account? I’m looking into adding the credit card option, but want to make sure it’s something my customers would be interested in.
And for a few social media updates…..
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Anything else you’d like to see? I have a freebie for you later this week and a summer menu planning idea for you too.
As always, THANK YOU for coming here to this little spot – my hope is that I inspire you to make homekeeping a little less work and a bit more fun!