Introducing….The Clean Mama DAILY Planner!

This undated, flexible planner has been in the making for years and finally it’s available for you (and me) today! It’s the perfect combination of keeping track of those daily to-dos with just the right amount of flexibility for you to make it yours and to make it work for your schedule.

Traditional planners haven’t worked for me the way that I anticipated because well, life happens. Plans change, days fly by without a glimpse of a planner page or a chair to sit down in and I just found that if a planner was going to work for me it needed to take a few more things into consideration.

I find that putting a plan in place for my days helps me stay organized. A simple organizational step is just to map out your priorities so you make time to get things done.

I’m really excited to share this tool from the Clean Mama Home paper line that can help you get your priorities on paper and accomplished: the Clean Mama DAILY Planner.

The Clean Mama DAILY Planner (2018-2019) is a simple, undated planner for keeping track of the everyday without the added overwhelm of a typical planner. This unique, intuitive approach is designed to help you plan your day with ease and calm, ready for whatever life throws your way.
The Clean Mama DAILY Planner is the perfect way to organize your thoughts and ideas on paper in a simpler way. Start any day, any month, and work through your day with less effort and get more done!
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Here are a couple of my favorite features:

  • simple soft gray and Clean Mama aqua color scheme – perfect for adding you personal style and details
  • 160# card stock front and back covers with clear protective cover and subtle, clear binding
  • 12-tabbed monthly divider pages (thoughts+goals) with grids and blank aqua tabs
  • aqua back pocket perfect for storing receipts, stickers, important papers
  • smooth, bright white 70# paper
  • paper size is 8 1/8”x10 1/8”
  • planner dimensions with the binding are 10”x10”x1.5″
  • made in the USA

If you’re wondering how or if the Clean Mama DAILY PLANNER works with the Homekeeping and Menu Planners, they were designed to work together or separately. The Homkeeeping and Menu Planners are in a smaller, weekly format whereas the Daily Planner is set up as a daily planner. All of my planners are designed to be started any day of the week and any month of the year. No pressure, no stress, no overwhelm – just calm knowing that you are keeping track of the mundane daily tasks in a simple and straightforward way. THE CLEAN MAMA DAILY PLANNER includes:

  • TITLE PAGE – 3 lines for you to personalize your planner
  • 2018 HOLIDAYS
  • 2019 HOLIDAYS
  • 12 – 2 PAGE BLANK CALENDARS – the perfect 2 page monthly calendar complete with a darling to do list on the right side
  • 31 DAILY planning pages in EACH month – date, goals, menu, homekeeping, errands, TODAY, health, money, today is…, and TOP 3 TASKS
  • 12 blank mini grid pages – one at the end of each month
  • 12 mini grid thoughts + goals pages – one at the beginning of each month
  • 214 two-sided pages // 428 pages total + 12 two-sided tabbed dividers

Each month has 31 DAILY planning pages – with plenty of space to write down the date, goals, menu, homekeeping, errands, TODAY, health, money, today is…, and TOP 3 TASKS. I start by filling in the 3 things that must can done and then I fill in the pages from there – this simple act of priority setting is really helpful for me as I plan out my days.

Here’s how I fill it out:

Notice that there are two columns in the TODAY section – I separate those for home + work but you could divide by AM and PM or by person or any other way that works for you.

This daily planner simplifies my days instead of complicating them AND helps me be more productive. Its simple, undated format is a welcome change with a dose of grace for the daily to-dos.

Look at that beautiful AQUA back pocket – it’s one of my favorite features!