Appliance Cleaning Guide via Clean Mama

I’ve written a lot of posts about cleaning appliances and a top question from readers is how to clean appliances. We want to know the quickest, easiest, and safest way to clean them, so today I’m rounding up all of my methods in this post. Check it out and give your appliances a quick clean today!

  • Did you know that this one ingredient is all it takes to clean your stainless steel appliances?
  • Help your dishwasher work as efficiently as possible with this simple method.
  • Clean your washing machine to like-new status, no matter whether it’s top or front loading. No chemicals, no bleach!
  • No need for stinky cleaners or toxic chemicals with this easy DIY oven cleaner. Works quickly to remove baked on gunk and grime.
  • Clean out all those crumbs, drips and spills in your freezer with this simple cleaning method.
  • No need to dread cleaning out your refrigerator when it is as simple as this!
  • Quick clean your major kitchen appliances in under an hour! Includes a free printable to get you started in a hurry.
  • Steam clean your microwave and leave behind nothing but clean with this method. Smells great, too!