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It’s obvious that I love a good cleaning routine. Honestly the reason I love a good cleaning routine is because I love a clean and organized house. With minutes a day and a plan, homekeeping can be enjoyable, simple, and easy to fit into your busy life and schedule. This post is intended to sum up my cleaning routine and point you in the direction of a little (or a lot) of help to get you started. In case you’re curious, I have been implementing this cleaning routine for nearly 15 years – as a newly married, full-time working gal, a full-time working out of the house mom, a stay-at-home mom, a traveling working in and out of the home mom, and now a work-at-home mom. This routine is for anyone that’s busy and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning. It may need to be tweaked for your life and schedule, but if you want to spend a couple minutes every day with a little homekeeping, the Clean Mama Cleaning Routine is for you! Remember, it’s just ‘everyday a little something’!Daily Cleaning Tasks

Every single day I accomplish a handful of daily tasks – chances are you do too. These daily tasks are little things that get done on a daily basis and take minutes but staying on top of them keeps the clutter and visual chaos away. On my daily list are the following tasks:

daily cleaning tasks - clean mama

Daily tasks for your household may vary, but these are the main tasks that get checked off my list These simple tasks have a couple hidden tasks involved too – checking floors sometimes means a quick sweep under the kitchen table, other days it may include getting out the vacuum cleaner. Clutter refers to taking care of any clutter or the act of decluttering. This includes things like making beds, opening and dealing with mail, sorting out homework, etc. Laundry gets done every day. I am easily distracted and hate laundry – so I do at least a load every day from start to finish. It’s a great system – try it! Wipe counters is clearing counters, loading/unloading the dishwasher, checking bathroom counters, etc. Want more information? You can read more specifically about my daily cleaning routine here.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Every day of the week I tackle a larger cleaning task. Monday is bathrooms day, Tuesday is dusting day, etc. Each task builds on the next and the system itself flows nicely through the week. Friday is catch all day – a day of grace to catch up on anything that didn’t get accomplished during the week or to work on paperwork, bills, etc. Instagrammer? I post daily cleaning task reminders and lots of homekeeping tips – follow me here. I also post reminders of these cleaning tasks on Facebook each day – if you want my reminders to pop up in your feed follow me here. Go here to get more details on what’s involved in my weekly cleaning tasks and go here to see my favorite products for each cleaning task.

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Rotating Cleaning Tasks

I also assign a handful of rotating cleaning tasks to each month – these tasks I complete on Fridays OR as I’m cleaning during the week. For instance if I’m dusting (on a Tuesday) I will dust the light fixtures for the month at that same time. (You can see the rotating cleaning tasks for each month on the free monthly calendars referenced below or in any cleaning product in my shop.)  If you are just starting with a cleaning routine, you can easily leave the rotating cleaning tasks out and just do the daily and weekly tasks for a month or two until you want to add in the rotating tasks.

Here’s a FREE printable daily and weekly checklist (The Clean House Cleaning Routine) you might like too – it’s from my Modern Day Homekeeping series.

The Clean House Cleaning Routine Instructions via Clean Mama


Every month I have a FREE cleaning and organizing calendar here on the blog – you can go here to get October’s calendar  and hop over to the sidebar to sign up for my posts in your inbox so you never miss a free calendar!


How to Make a Cleaning Planner via Clean Mama

If you want a very detailed and customizable cleaning plan – check out my post on how to make a cleaning planner and check out the Everyday Cleaning Planner in my shop!